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Harold Ehrenberg

When Harold first opened his personal-injury-focused law practice in 2002, he brought to the table his many years of experience handling injured people. The value of his dual education has proved immeasurable to his clients, who have benefited in terms of receiving fair value for their claims. He has successfully represented clients injured in car crashes; 18-wheeler wrecks; bus, motorcycle, and bicycle collisions; and accidents involving pedestrians. Over the years, he has collected millions of dollars for his clients.

With Harold, getting medical care could not be easier. He maintains a network of highly qualified practitioners in all areas of healthcare. Some clients need conservative chiropractic or physical therapy case management while others require more aggressive interventional pain management or surgical procedures. Whatever the case, his office will handle everything to get clients the treatment they need right away. Harold’s office does the appointment scheduling and takes care of all the necessary payments. Clients simply show up to the physician, and that’s it. Harold truly does take the pain out of going to the doctor.

Whether you have been involved in a seemingly simple fender-bender or a major crash with a semi tractor-trailer, you will get the personal and professional help you need and deserve. Harold will do everything he can to get you the settlement you are entitled to so you can get your life back together.