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    If Your Site Is Already Responsive and Needs Some Professional Fixes, We Can Help!

    A mistake shouldn’t be the first thing a customer sees. 

    We all know first impressions mean the most, and a broken website can cause a customer to not do business with you – costing you money.

    Our company has been fixing and building websites for more than 10 years. You’ll never lose a customer because of an easily fixable error.

    Fluid Design will begin with an initial audit, focusing page by page on specific issues. Based on this, we can determine the best way to improve your customer’s experience from start to finish. We include an introductory phone call with all our services so we can spot any issues your site may have and offer you the best answers.

    Fluid Design Uses the Following Process: 

    • Initial review to determine the scope of the work based on your site’s current functionality. 
    • Duplicate your existing site so we can make modifications while you keep your current site up and running. 
    • Implement the changes that best fit your goals and purpose. All our sites go through our rigorous QA process. 

    Errors and inefficiencies can be costly for you. Fluid Design will focus on improving your functionality and structure and make improvements across your website. We focus on your purpose and your potential customers.